Canal Harbour Cesenatico

A safe haven


The joy of Simplicity

In the early 16th century, thanks to its beautiful landscapes and its excellent position, Cesenatico was discovered and chosen by Cesare Borgia, who was known as “Il Valentino”. It has always been considered a safe haven and shelter for sailors and seafarers who came ashore here after long sea journeys to find hospitality, wholesomeness and the joy of simple things.

Town traditions

Traditions of Cesenatico

A perfect combination

Being both a trade and a military port, Cesenatico has always been considered the coastal town with the richest traditions, culture and history. There are many areas of historical interest and various traditions that make this town the perfect combination of ancient and modern, which interweave in carefree daily life.

Sailing stories

Sailing Stories of Cesenatico

Visual Culture

Daily life, history and traditions that have been handed down over the years are what make Cesenatico a town rich in emotions and events that narrate its history. The Maritime Museum, which houses numerous sailboats, tells the history of the town and offers an alternative perspective of the history of the country.