The Palio of Cuccagna

from 04.08.2018 to 05.08.2018

Pages of history written on this seashore, with events that have been decisive for our past and our future. Garibaldi and Anita landed precisely at Leonardo’s canal harbour to seek shelter on their way towards Venice. To this day, the town commemorates this with folk events, the Palio della Cuccagna, fireworks and a masked parade that recalls times gone by!

In the first August week end in Cesenatico will commemorate a special day: on 2 August 1849 Giuseppe Garibaldi and his wife Anita, who was 5 months pregnant, managed to flee from the enemy French and Austrian troops thanks to the help of the people of Cesenatico. Their extraordinary escape took place on thirteen “bargozzi”, the typical fishing boats of the time, battling against an oncoming storm. To recall that episode, every year Cesenatico hosts the Garibaldi festival and in various parts of the canal harbour there are plaques, busts and monuments dedicated to those figures and events. Like the one in Piazza Pisacane, the first built in Italy and one of the rare ones in which Garibaldi is not shown on horseback. Don’t be surprised if you should meet groups of red shirts celebrating around the town…

Enjoy the Festival!
The festival begins Saturday, August 4 at 21.00, the neighborhoods of Cesenatico parade accompanied by the Ambassador Marching Band from Piazza Costa up to the Palo della Cuccagna hoisted on the water of the old Squero di Ponente, where 54 cuccagnotti will battle. Nine city quarters that will attempt to "climb" to the 14 meters of the pile sprinkled with fat.
Sunday 4 August, at 9.30 am the appointment is with the historical parade of the Garibaldini. The procession will cross the main streets of the center, up to the monument erected all'Eroe, in Piazza Pisacane, the first built throughout Italy and one of the rare in which Garibaldi is not depicted on horseback. We continue with a visit to the old house on the harbor, where Anita Garibaldi rested. Then, it will be the turn of the most evocative moment of the event: the excursion on board of motorboats and boats with colorful sails to the third and the launch of crowns among the waves to remember the Fallen of the Sea. The event will end at 10.00 pm, on the free beach in front of Piazza Costa di Cesenatico, with the great show of musical fireworks.

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