Cesenatico Romagna Coast

A small fishing village steeped in tradition

A mind blowing land that will capture your eyes and please your palate. A sea that accompanies thoughts, to the horizon.
A land of smiles and hospitality who welcomes its guests with love and courtesy.

Cesenatico is at once a modern and ancient sea village, grown and developed around its canal harbour, keeping a people-oriented dimension through the years. It offers places, atmospheres, fragrances and charming to the visitors.

Maritime Museum

An enchanting floating area where you can admire the ancient boats of the Cesenatico tradition.

The Floating Museum reflects itself over the sea, while the sails of the ancient fishing boats paint the canal ocher and terracotta. The Maritime Museum is the only one in Italy that includes a floating section, in addition to the ground one.
In the sheet of water in front of the Museum are located ten fishing boats, that were used by the sailors in the late 19th century in the upper Adriatic Sea. Wandering among the sails we can see three “bragozzi”, one “lancia” (spear), one “topo” (mouse), one “paranza”, one “battana” and one “trabaccolo da trasporto” (lugger boat) that is still open for visitors.
Beyond the bridge there are moored two boats that still keep taking off in summer, sailing out even to Venice for reenactments. The “Barchét” and “San Nicolò” boats keep alive the ancient traditions and navigation techniques, creating a magic atmosphere every time they sail out to the sea. The sails are a symbol of the city, promoting, through their colors, the historical and cultural values of an ancient and evocative sea town.

The trips organizated by Cesenatico Bellavita, an unique and authentic experience reserved for our guests.

Porto Canale Leonardesco

From a project designed by the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was realized in the XVI century from a project designed by Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius. Along the canal harbor’s path, the route runs through the heart of the town and the historical centre, continuing up to the sea.

Walking towards the pier you can see Cesenatico’s most characteristic landmarks: the Maritime Museum, Marino Moretti’s house, Piazza Pisacane (Pisacane Square), the Old Fish Market, Piazzetta delle Conserve, Piazza Ciceruacchio (Ciceruacchio Square), the Porte Vinciane (Leonardo Da Vinci’s Gates) on the Vena Mazzarini, the Lighthouse and the Pier.

Piazza delle Conserve

This is the most characteristic of the Cesenatico squares, which takes its name from the historic ice store is still located in the center of the square.

The Piazza delle Conserve is situated in the historical center a few steps from Porto Leonardesco. This is the most characteristic of the Cesenatico squares, which takes its name from the historic ice store is still located in the center of the square, a deep well used to preserve fish and food in the winter months. Every morning, the square is the location of a characteristic Market of Agricultural Producers of the district; instead, in the Christmas period there is set up a characteristic Nativity with life-size statues. In the summer period it hosts events such as the Flea Market (for children), the Artistic Craft on Monday evenings, and the classical music festival “Nocturnes to Conserve”.

Ancient Fish Shop

It is quite small but very lively and distinctive.

Still used today for the sale of the fish, the building was created in 1911 in Art Nouveau style with a rectangular plan. It is quite small but very lively and distinctive. Its construction was dictated by the need to solve the problems of hygiene and public order generated by the trade of fish in the streets. Fishing is in fact even today, together with tourism, the base of the city economy.


Traditional wooden stilt houses located in the final part of the harbor.

The testimonies of the major seafaring life are, however, discernible in the fishing huts, traditional wooden stilt houses located in the final part of the harbor and the channel section that goes to the station. Once used as warehouses for fish and gear or even as homes today are luxurious loft equipped with every comfort overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy the view of the horizon in the summer months.

Pantani Museum

The multimedia museum for the memory of the "Pirate"

The Pantani Museum covers an area of 300 square meters, whose implementation was strongly supported both by Pantani Family and the representants of Cesenatico as well as the citizens, eager to pay homage to their champion who died prematurely.
The interior is divided into three areas known as the peaks conquered by Pirate: Mortirolo, D’Huez and Bocchetta, which displays memorabilia, trophies, clothing and multimedia material about Pantani.

The Sea Garden

A touch of green along the beach

The green runs along the seafront thanks to the lush Sea Gardens. Which are equipped with games for children, water jets, fountains, as well as rose bushes and medical plants. Along the walking path you will come across the beautiful Tonino Guerra’s Cathedral of Leaves, better keep your eyes open! The greenery reaches the beach too with the Beach of the Tamarisks, the plant beach of Valverde.

The Beach

Wide and sandy beaches

“Going to the beach” in Romagna means to be pampered in every moment of the day! The beach resorts offer a wide range of services to meet everyone’s desire. Flat, soft and sandy beaches will guarantee you a lively but relaxing holiday.
A safe and clean sea, awarded the Blue Flag, allows you to have fun and relax in every moment of your holiday. A spectacle you won’t want to miss? The painted canvas exposition, taking place every year in the free beach under the skyscraper.

Cesenatico’s beaches have a lot to offer to families as well as to young people, they are full of games for children, sports fields and facilities.
In Levante Beach you will find castles for childrens, restaurants, gardens with benches and pools on the beach. The central area is bordered by cycle path and for the entire length by “the sea Gardens” a green space with a children’s playground, hiking trails, rest areas and benches..