Street Markets in Cesenatico
Street Markets in Cesenatico

Memories to fall in love with

a souvenir from the sea

A typical holiday souvenir, but not only.
In Cesenatico, holiday memories fill your heart and become the main protagonists; they are the faces and landscapes of Romagna that warm the soul and leave a smile printed on your heart. From representative paintings to souvenirs bought in traditional local shops, from landscapes waiting to be photographed to the hospitality typical of Romagna… Cesenatico offers a holiday to be enjoyed day after day. 
Unique memories and unforgettable emotions; everything is satisfied, from the eyes to the palate, from relaxation to fun.

Walking throung Summer Colours
Markets offer an ideal leisure time opportunity for young and old alike and tranquil and relaxing walks on hot sunny days. In Cesenatico, the market offers visitors the chance to save money and the joy of spending time with friends and family for a holiday that’s not “just by the sea”. Discover our markets: 
• General market, Stadium area: from 1 January to 31 December (all year), every Friday 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.
• General market, Valverde: from 22 May to 18 September (seasonal), every Tuesday morning 8.00 am to 2.00 pm in Via Mantegna.

pacefull evening fun
Evening shopping? In Cesenatico you can do this and much more… on several days and with stalls selling various items:
• Villamarina market: from 22 May to 25 September every Thursday evening from 8.00 pm to midnight in Via Torricelli
• Typical local produce market, Piazza Marconi: from 23 May to 5 September every Friday from 7.30 pm to midnight
• Valverde medicinal herbs and natural products market: from 27 May to 9 September in Via Mantegna, every Tuesday from 8.00 pm to midnight
• Ponente market: from 1 June to 15 September in Via Vespucci from 7.30 pm to midnight