The ancient fishing of poor people

from 13.06.2018 to 31.12.2018
Cesenatico Bellavita

An ancient, almost disused method, that comes back to life in the historical reenactments

The so-called "Tratta" is a kind of fishing with deep historical roots in Cesenatico, maritime town very devoted to its traditions. This typical fishing method was made throught nets at whose flaps some leads were placed, while at the other side there were some waterborne cork. The nets were located on the bottom and then removed by trawl, so that fish remained imprisoned. The net could be just a few or hundreds of metres long, and it was provided with some hooks used for towing. While an end of the net was anchored to the shore the other one was carried in the water with a small wooded boat ( it usually was the typical battana) that described a semicircle untile coming back to the ground. At this point two groups of strong fishermen carried the fish on the shore.
This kind of fishing often represented the main source of nouirishment of the poorest families, that couldn't afford the purchase of a boat and go out for fishing. Periodically the peasants of the nearby countryside used to come to the beach for making supplies of fish, so to introduce fish in their alimentation that used to be composed only by their agricultural products. with a great part of the boats
The trawling fish experienced a new vogue period after World War II, when since most of the boats had been destroyed, a lot of families and fishing cooperatives had to rediscover this simple but well functioning method.
This fishing method once used to give moderate amounts of mullets, soles, shrimps, clams, cuttlefishes and oily fish, that probably today wouldn't be provided anymore, due to sea depletion and Cesenatico consolidation as a seaside town. 
Historical reenactments still allow you to sea the Cesenatico fishermen grappling with the trawling nets, that are always follwed by tasty seafood grills.

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