News of: 2018-02-12

With the nose upward you can see it from afar and dominates the entire coast. The skyscraper of Cesenatico, loved or hated that it is, remains a distinctive symbol for the city and guards it from the center of its Carducci promenade, in Piazza Costa.

Built in 1958 by engineer Eugenio Berardi's project, it is the tallest reinforced concrete structure in Italy (118 meters) with the typical post-war silhouette, still very modern today.
And who has never tried to count the plans? There are thirty-five, thirty of which are occupied by private homes, obviously overlooking the sea.
A curiosity that not everyone knows is that its real name is "Condominio Marinella II", but in Cesenatico remains the Skyscraper par excellence that has also diminished the importance of the square, which is almost never mentioned in the speeches as Piazza Costa, but as Piazza del Grattacielo.
Renovated around 2005, the skyscraper now has clear and uniform colors, alternating white with the color of the sky and the sea, in a sober and elegant way. At night, its white lights and illuminated windows are a reference and a company for all Romagnoli.

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