News of: 2018-02-12

It can happen by chance that without listening to the weather you find yourself walking on the canal port just when the fishermen return from their shift at sea.
Fishing boats are already sighted while they are offshore, from the dock. Even when it is not about large boats, what appears indistinguishable in the distance is the gray cloud that surrounds them. As the fishing boats approach the lighthouse, the cloud takes shape and the screams of hungry and gluttonous seagulls become clear.
They float in a circular way while the fishermen, on the bridge, withdraw the fishing nets and in the cleaning throw the small fish caught in the sea.
It 'an incredible sight, who is walking on the port can not stop to admire the scene that brings back to the traditions of the past and highlights in a striking way the history of the oldest craft in a seaside village like Cesenatico.

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