News of: 2018-02-12

In May 2012 the "Vegetal Beach" was born in Valverde di Cesenatico, the first example in Italy of "renaturalized" beach. To the eye of those who walk on the shoreline or arrive at the beach, the beach interrupts the intercession of umbrellas in colored cloth with its green. An oasis of well-being in which shade, fresh, nature and oxygen blend with the scent of the sea.
The materials used for this "green" operation are simple and the tamarisk is the queen plant, used as a hedge and as a tree.
The choice of the tamarisk is not accidental, in fact the plant is native to the Indian sandy areas and southern Italy. The leaves are vaporous, with tiny leaves of a silvery green color that becomes iridescent with sunlight. And the curious characteristic of the tamarisk tree is that among its branches there is a real form of sweating in the form of light and salty drops that vaporize with the wind. A sort of vegetable version of the modern umbrella with built-in vaporizer.

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