News of: 2018-02-12

It was born from an idea of ​​Cesenatico Bellavita, the cycling route between the coast and the Rubicon and finds fertile ground for those who love the hinterland.
The Super Otto route describes a bike ride around Cesenatico, which in the form of an "8" goes to touch some local attractions that are typical from a cultural or landscape point of view.
The ride is simple, fast and fun, to ride on the bike even in the family to discover the beauty of the hinterland and the historical places that dot it. Just over 40 km in total that can be faced in 50-75 minutes, except for stops and visits, with a simple road bike, a city bike or a mountain bike.
The itinerary involves the mouth of the river Rubicone in Gatteo mare, Villa Torlonia and the Giovanni Pascoli House in San Mauro, the bridge over the Rubicone in Savignano.
The route is designed especially for "slow tourists", but also for locals, who like to ride short-range with moderate pace. At the same time, it can also offer a long and protected route for long-distance trained enthusiasts.

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