Bike experience

Super Eight Course

The “Super Eight” course came from an idea by Cesenatico Bellavita! It is a simple cycling route around Cesenatico, which traces a figure of eight between the coast and the Rubicone Valley. It is about 40 km long and passes through some of the most iconic beauty spots and historical locations of Romagna: the mouth of the Rubicone river in Gatteo Mare, San Mauro with Villa Torlonia and Giovanni Pascoli’s house, the bridge over the Rubicone river in Savignano.

MTB trails

On the hills in the immediate vicinity of Cesenatico, you will find numerous dirt trails crossing streams and ridges with a high level of fun and adrenaline. The clear and precise signage allows you to fully enjoy the experience and easily reach villages for a high-quality food and wine stop.

Leisure bike

Take all the time you need to slowly explore the area, pedaling in safety. Nowhere lends itself to cycle tourism as well as the Cesenatico area thanks to easy routes suitable for all types of legs! No competitions, just a lot of curiosity and desire to discover enchanting landscapes such as those of Valmarecchia, Valle dell’Uso and perhaps go as far as the beautiful Rimini between cultivated fields and river routes.