FAQ: Any questions?

Do you have questions or queries about Cesenatico Bellavita? We answer them here!


What is Cesenatico Bellavita?

Cesenatico Bellavita is a tourism promotion consortium which brings together the best hotels in Cesenatico, to make a network to promote tourism and Romagna.


Which hotels will I find on Cesenatico Bellavita?

On the Cesenatico Bellavita portal you will find the best 3- and 4-star hotels in Cesenatico.


I would like a quick quotation from a few hotels… how do I do this?

Don’t worry, it only takes a few clicks! Click on “quick quotation”, select your search filters and send your request for a personalised quote to the hotels available.


What benefits do I get from using Cesenatico Bellavita?

In choosing a hotel through Cesenatico Bellavita, you guarantee yourself hospitality centred on seaside, family, good food, relaxation and wellness. The very best to fully enjoy Cesenatico!


Can I book directly on Cesenatico Bellavita?

No, we do not sell holidays directly. You can contact the hotels directly from their respective profiles on the portal. They will respond to you by email and you can reserve directly with them. There is no broker’s fee from us and the hotels will apply the best available prices. To start searching for your ideal hotel click here.


How is my data processed if I send a request?

If you send a request, only the hotel you wrote to will answer you and if you agree to receive marketing, we will send you newsletters to keep you up-to-date and to offer special discounts. But your data will not be disclosed to third parties.


How can I contact the Cesenatico Bellavita consortium directly?

You can contact us by sending an email to info@cesenaticobellavita.it.