Living green

Cesenatico is famous for its long well-equipped beaches, but not everybody knows that it has so many green areas and open spaces, which can be experienced in total safety.

Beach of the Tamarisks

In Cesenatico, the greenery has also made it to the beach! You can find it at the characteristic Spiaggia delle Tamerici, a free beach with a low environmental impact, the first in Italy to be re-naturalized. A relaxing oasis in Valverde where tamarisk trees and hedges have been planted. The former are used as real green umbrellas; the latter divide up the areas, to allow comfortable use of the beach.

Sea gardens

A well-equipped green area which extends for around 2 km, placed between the very central Lungomare Carducci and the bathing establishments, next to the convenient car parks. This sea view garden, with trees, hedges, fountains and flower beds, has pedestrian and cycle paths perfect for outdoor sports, play areas for children, benches and gazebos to relax under.

Pineta di Zadina

A natural resource extending over 5 hectares, which is part of the “Pineta di Ravenna Nature Reserve”. The Pineta di Zadina is covered among other things by alders, holm oaks, and elms. It has several play areas for children and allows Nordic Walking enthusiasts to follow trails in direct contact with nature.

Parco di Levante

A large park of 34.82 hectares with Mediterranean meadows and shrubs, two small lakes inhabited by swans, ducks and moorhens. A natural oasis in which you can relax in the shade of a centuries-old tree or feed the ducks on the lake. The whole park is equipped with cycle paths, splendid picnic areas, play areas for children, equipment in ecological material for the older ones and fitness trails for the sportier. Inside the park there is an area dedicated to birdwatching and one for dog walking.