Authentic products from Cesenatico’s countryside

Our hotels prefer local produce in order to avoid long journeys and always to guarantee freshness and authenticity. Do you want an idea of the traditional ingredients of Romagna to enjoy during your holiday in Cesenatico? We’ll give you a preview!

Cervia salt

Cervia, the “City of Salt”, is located just 11 km from Cesenatico. The quality of its salt, extracted since Etruscan times, is famous in Italy and the rest of the world.

Just think, the Cervia salt pans are protected as a wetland of international importance and, even today, the salt is a highlight of the area. In fact, since 2004 it has also been a member of the “Slow Food” presidium.

A little tip: in addition to visiting the salt pans of Cervia and taking part in boat trips along the canals, you can become a “salt worker for a day” and try salt extraction.

Scalogno di romagna IGP

Scalogno di Romagna IGP shallots are cultivated on the fertile hills of Brisighella, a picturesque medieval village one hour by car from Cesenatico. This product is also common in some areas of Imola and Forlì and, according to tradition, was introduced by the Romans. The shallots have a sweet, strong taste, perfect as a base for sauces or to accompany pasta, local meats and Adriatic fish. Finely chopped shallot leaves are used in salads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP

From Brisighella and the hills of Romagna comes one of the most loved traditional products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP. The hand-picked olives are delivered the same day to the oil mill for extraction at controlled temperature.

Brisighella Oil DOP has a slightly spicy taste, which goes well with sauces, fish, meat, vegetables and pasta dishes. Brisighella Colline di Romagna DOP is excellent on bruschetta, salads, legume soups, fish, seafood salads, white meats, grilled meats, sauces, vegetables and fried foods.

Fossa Cheese DOP

Sogliano al Rubicone, a lively village just 30 km from Cesenatico, boasts a true king among the traditional products of Romagna: Formaggio di Fossa DOP. According to an ancient farming tradition, this cheese made from sheep’s and cow’s milk is left to rest in the “fosse”, underground rooms dug into the sandstone, which give it an intense flavour and pungent aroma. These qualities go well with home-made pasta.

Every year, on the last two Sundays in November and the first in December, Sogliano al Rubicone hosts an important Fossa Cheese Festival.

Romagna Nectarine IGP

Did you know that Romagna’s nectarines are the only ones to have obtained the IGP designation? They are produced following very strict rules, which guarantee a sweet fruit with an intense aroma and a circumference of 21 cm. You can enjoy them from June to September and recognise them by their juicy yellow and white flesh. As well as eaten fresh as a snack or at the end of a meal, they are excellent in syrup, jam, juice or as a base for flavouring Spumante di Albana Docg.

Pesca Nettarina di Romagna

Adriatic bluefish

The Adriatic bluefish is a resource of taste and health, which is at the centre of meals and of some annual culinary events in Cesenatico. For example, “Azzurro come il pesce” (as blue as fish) at the end of April and “Il pesce fa festa” (fish festival) at the end of October.

In Cesenatico, don’t miss the typical fish dishes of Romagna cuisine, in particular mixed fried fish from the Adriatic, cuttlefish with peas, fish kebabs and passatelli with fish broth.

pesce azzurro dell'adriatico

Romagnola pig

This pig breed, originally from Romagna, was at risk of extinction. Until, after the Second World War, it was rediscovered by a farmer from Forlì. Today it is a part of the Slow Food presidium and of a traceability project.

Mora Romagnola products are of the highest quality. We suggest that you try the fresh grilled meats, the cacciatorino, the salami in oil, the raisin sausage, or the lard with aromatic herbs. Don’t miss the cured meats – ham, capocollo, loin of pork, loin and shoulder of pork – possibly in a warm piadina accompanied by a glass of Sangiovese!

salumi di Mora Romagnola