The Romagna cappelletti

cappelletti di Romagna

The first official mention of cappelletti – or caplét, as they say in dialect – dates back to 1811, when they were considered a holiday dish. Grandmothers, mothers and children gathered weeks in advance around the chopping boards of the old farmhouses among cloudsof flour, fresh eggs and lots of laughter, to prepare the main course of Christmas or Easter lunch, to be served only in capon broth.

These days the cappelletti have been cleared through customs and can be eaten all year round. Yes, even in the height of summer!

As the true Romagna azdore teaches, beware confusing cappelletto with Bolognese tortellino: as well as being two different recipes, they are also made in different ways. The cappelletto, in fact, has the simple shape of the hats worn in the past by peasants.

storia dei cappelletti

How cappelletti are made

We’ll tell you a secret: there is no one single recipe for cappelletti. Each area of Romagna has its own and, of course, each family has a different filling. The great Pellegrino Artusi himself mentions seven types, in his work “Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well”.

In general, in the provinces of Forlì, Cesena and Ravenna, the filling is based on cheeses; in the Rimini area it would be unthinkable to prepare cappelletti without meat!

The pastry, on the other hand, is strictly made with eggs and flour. It should be rolled thinly and left to rest, before being cut into small squares to which the dough is added, which are then closed in the shape of a hat with the ease and dexterity that only a true Romagna azdora can teach.

Where to eat cappelletti in Cesenatico

In our hotels in Cesenatico you can be sure of tasting the real Romagna cappelletti, traditionally prepared. If you are exploring the area by bike, with friends or family, however, and want to know where to eat excellent cappelletti, here are our recommendations: “Locanda da Nonna Adriana” in Via Roma 65 in Cesenatico; “Trattoria il Matto” in Via Canale Bonificazione 383 in Sala di Cesenatico; “Osteria del Sole” Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 180, Zadina di Cesenatico.