The Maritime Museum in Cesenatico

visita al museo della marineria cesenatico

The Maritime Museum of Cesenatico, unique of its kind, is made up of the Shore Section, in via Armellini, and the Floating Section, along Porto Leonardesco.

What to see in the Shore Section

The shore section offers an evocative path dedicated to the traditional seafaring of the upper and middle Adriatic. In the center of the pavilion are two traditional boats, the trabaccolo and the bragozzo, around which the visit proper opens out with exhibits, period films, educational installations and 3D animations showing the construction of boats.

A little curiosity, from this section of the museum you can reach the Municipal Antiquarium, which is located in the opposite building, the Palazzo degli Anziani. Here it is possible to observe the various Roman artefacts found in the area and many everyday objects such as scales, furnaces, coins and much more.

The museum is open every day during the summer and Christmas period. In winter it is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Entrance fee.

cosa vedere al museo della marineria

What to see in the floating section

In the Floating Section you can admire 10 sailing boats. Examples of coasters, battane, bragozzi, a trawler, a launch and other sailing boats that ploughed our waters between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

A distinctive feature of these boats are the beautiful sails of different colours, from yellow ochre to orange to red, which indicate the family of fishermen they belong to.

The Floating Section is always accessible free of charge.

The marine nativity

During the Christmas holidays, this open-air museum is completely transformed. The Marine Nativity is set up on the boats from the first Sunday of December until Epiphany. A completely unique nativity scene illuminated by art, with over 50 life-size statues representing carpenters, puppeteers, children, women with piadine and of course the shepherds and the holy family. A tip: it is beautiful at any time of day, but at sunset it is magical with the sky tinged with pink!

The Nativity is free to visit.