Cesenatico beach

Cesenatico’s beach is 7 km long and has 123 bathing establishments to choose from. It is divided between east and west areas. For over twenty years Cesenatico beach has been awarded the important Blue Flag recognition, which confirms its excellence. It is a safe beach with 31 towers and 46 lifeguards always ready for your every need.

This is what sets Cesenatico beach apart: its facilities, its accessibility, its environmental sustainability and its status as a beach tailored for families.


Our beaches are fully equipped, and there is always entertainment for adults and children. Some of the bathing establishments also have a swimming pool or whirlpool, and there are plenty of sports of all kinds: beach courts, racquetball courts, table tennis, Teqball, yoga lessons, sup, spinning, sailing and wind surfing. Not to mention excellent food all day long while enjoying the sun.


Making the beach accessible to everyone is one of Cesenatico’s main objectives. Here are some of the services available to people with mobility issues: multifunctional wheelchairs, which must be booked in advance with your bathing attendant; walkways on Cesenatico’s main public beaches; two internet stations for the blind and visually impaired and sunbeds for the disabled.

Environmental sustainability

A great deal of attention is paid to the environment, with paper, plastic and cans collected separately in all the bathing establishments. Energy and water are saved through the installation of devices to produce clean energy and reduce water consumption.

Made to measure for children

Shallow waters, soft sand, wide spaces, lots of entertainment and bathrooms family-specific facilities. Cesenatico’s beach is also perfect for families with small children who can play safely on the shoreline. This is why Cesenatico has been awarded the paediatricians’ Green Flag.

Cesenatico’s free beaches

Cesenatico also stands out for its free beaches. Here’s where they are:


  • next to the pier;
  • near the Skyscraper, behind Piazza Costa;
  • at the Colonia Agip.


  • pier area
  • colonies area


  • next to Bagno Hawaii
  • an area in front of Piazzale Michelangelo;
  • Villamarina Cesarini area.

It was in fact in Valverde that the first free planted beach was created: the Tamerici beach. Numerous tamarisk trees have been planted here to create shady areas. The walkways are made of recycled material, while the warm water in the showers is heated by simple sunlight. Finally, the cabins are made from waterproofed chestnut poles.

And now all you have to do is choose the perfect beach for you and enjoy the Cesenatico sun!

Hotels with private beaches

There are hotels in Cesenatico that offer an exclusive private beach service as part of their holiday package. Large spaces and tranquillity characterise the private beaches of these hotels: